Sue's daily routine

Choose the most appropriate word for each gap.
Sue usually gets up a quarter past six the morning. She goes into the bathroom, puts her pyjamas and has a shower. Then she puts some clean clothes, brushes her teeth and combs her hair which she has just washed. After that she goes into the kitchen and has breakfast. She drinks a cup coffee and eats either a roll or two slices bread butter and jam. At 7 a.m. she puts her jacket and shoes, takes a schoolbag and hurries the tube station. She has to change a bus or tramway at Kagran in order to get school. She normally reaches her classroom about ten to eight. So, she can talk to her friends and is ready when the teacher enters the classroom 8 o’clock. She has to stay school 2 p.m. She has to learn German, English and maths among other things. After school she is very hungry because she has not had any time to eat some snack in the short breaks the lessons. Therefore, she hurries home. She knows that her mum has prepared some dinner her. As soon as she arrives home, she goes into the kitchen and has dinner. Afterwards she watches her favourite soap operas some time. At 6 p.m. she eats some snack and talks to her parents. Finally, she does her homework and learns some tests. If she has time, she watches TV or meets her friends the evening. However, she has to be back home 10 o’clock in the evening. Half an hour later she falls asleep while listening music.