Tom's daily routine

Put the verb in brackets in the correct form. Mind your spelling.
From Monday to Saturday Tom (get) up at 7 o'clock. He (have) a shower and (put) on some clean clothes. Then he (have) breakfast. At half past seven he (go) into the bathroom, (brush) his teeth and (comb) his hair. After that he (put) on his shoes and (leave) his home to go to school. He (take) the bus which (have) got a stop in front of his home. He (get) on this bus at a quarter to eight. He (get) off the bus in front of the school and (enter) his classroom just in time. He (listen) to various teachers from 8 a.m. to 1:35 p.m. Then he (hurry) home because he (be) very hungry. He (eat) lunch and (do) his homework. Later on he usually (watch) TV. In the evening he (have) dinner with his parents or (meet) some friends. When he (come) home, he (wash) his face and (brush) his teeth before he (put) on his pyjamas. Finally, he (enjoy) listening to his favourite music or watching TV in bed late at night until he (fall) asleep.