At a Restaurant

Choose the most appropriate verb for each gap.
   eat      follow      have      like      order      take   
A: Good evening, have you got a table at the window?
B: Of course, would you please me? What about this table?
A: Oh, that's fine. I'll it.
B: Would you like to á la carte or one of today's specials?
A. I'd to have the menu with today's specials, please.
B: Here you are. I'll be back in a minute.
A: Thank you.
B: Are you ready to ?
A: Yes, I'll the prawn cocktail as a starter, and mixed grill with chips to .
B: Certainly, and what would you to drink?
A: Coke, please.
B: Sure.

After the customer has received and eaten his starter and main dish, the waiter returns and asks: Would like to some dessert?
A: No thanks, could I the bill, please?
B: That's £8.60.
A: Here you are.
B: Thank you. Have a nice day.
A: Thank you. (You leave your tip on the table)