At a Restaurant

Choose the most appropriate expression for each gap.
   bill      follow      have      help      Here      look      order      recommend      see      take   
waiter: Hello. Can I you?
customer: Could I a table for one - at the window if possible?
waiter: Would you me, please? (The waiter shows you to a nice table and offers you
the menu asking) Do you want to right away or would you like to have a at
the menu first?
customer: What would you ?
waiter: All dishes are very good, but we are famous for our steaks and salads.
customer: I , I’ll a steak, medium, and chips, please.
waiter: Some wine or beer, perhaps?
customer: I’d like to have a glass of coke please.
waiter: Anything for dessert?
customer: No, thanks. That’s all.
After 15 minutes the waiter returns with your meal: Here you are.
customer: Thank you.
15 minutes later:
customer: Could I have the , please?
waiter: your are.That’s £ 11. 95.
customer: Here you are.
waiter: Thank you. Have a nice day.
customer: Bye