Shopping Dialogue 1

Choose the most appropriate expression for each gap.
   about      accept      afraid      are      at      fit      for      help      in      much      need      nice      on      ones      over      show      size      take      to      too      would   
shop-assistant: Hello, can I you? Are you looking for anything particular?
customer: I a pair of jeans. Could you me some?
shop-assistant: What are you?
customer: 12.
shop-assistant: What colour you like?
customer: Brown or black.
shop-assistant: What these?
customer: They look . May I try them ?
shop-assistant: Certainly. - The customer puts them . -
shop-assistant: Do they ?
customer: I'm they are big. Have you got smaller ?
shop-assistant: Here you . - Do these ?
customer: Yes, they do. How are they?
shop-assistant: They are sale the moment. The price has been reduced £ 35.
customer: I'll them. Do you credit cards?
shop-assistant: Sure. May I ask you to pay your goods the cash desk there?