Shopping Dialogue 2

Choose the most appropriate expression for each gap.
   about      accept      afraid      anything      are      at      fit      for      like      'll take      longer      of      on      over      reduced      sale      some      them      these      to      too      try      where   
A: Hello, what can I do you? Are you looking for in particular?
B: Yes, I'm looking for a pair jeans. Could you show me ?
A: Sure. What size you?
B: 12.
A: What colour would you ?
B: Dark blue.
A: What these? Would you like to them on?
B: Yes, are the fitting rooms?
A: They are there.
The customer goes the fitting rooms and puts the jeans.
A: Do they ?
B: I'm they are short. Have you got ones?
A: Sure.
The shop assistant gets longer jeans.
A:Here you .
The customer puts on.
A: Do fit?
B: Yes, they do. How much they?
A: They are on at the moment. The price has been to £ 15,95.
B: I them. Do you credit cards?
A: Certainly. May I ask you pay for your goods the cash desk over there?
B: Sure.