Shopping Dialogue 3

Choose the most appropriate expression for each gap.
   all      are      ask      by      cash      colour      fit      fitting      Good      here      leaves      look      May      much      need      no      only      right      sale      some      suit      them      to   
A: morning, can I help you?
B: Hello, I'm looking for jeans.
A: What would you like?
B. Black, please.
A: What size you?
B: I have idea.
A: I think you size 38.
B: Well, that size might . Could you show in that size?
A: Of course.
The shop-assistant shows the customer some jeans.
B: These nice. How are they?
A: They are on at the moment. Therefore, they cost € 30.
B: May I try on?
A: Sure, the room is over there.
The customer puts them on and the fitting room to look for a mirror.
A: They you perfectly.
B: Yeah, I think you're . I'll take them.
A: We also have some t-shirts and sweaters on sale. I show you some?
B: No, thanks, that's .
A: Well, may I you to pay at the desk over there?
The customer goes the cash desk.
C: Hi, do you pay or credit card?
B: Cash, you are.
C: Thank you. Bye.
B: Bye.