Making Phone Calls

Choose the most appropriate expression for each gap.
   afraid      Certainly      come      have      help      know      leave      left      'll be      right      speaking      talk      tell      urgent   
A: 202 61 31. donaustadt. This is Sue Spice . Can I you?
B: This is Tom Tracy. Could I to Colin Cold, please?
A: Oh, I'm he isn't now. He has just to buy the Evening Standard?
B: Well, do you know when he back?
A: I don't , but I guess he'll in a few weeks.
B: Well, could I a message?
A: Sure.
B: Would you him to call me before 9 p.m.. It's .
A: Of course, I'll tell him as soon as he is back. Could I your number, please?
B: . It's 131 62 02
A: So, that's 131 62 02, right?
B: Yes, that's right. Thank you.
A: Bye.
B: Bye.