adjectives and adverbs

Put each adjective or adverb in the comparative.
  1. She plays chess than her brother. (good, young)
  2. Alexander is than I am, but he is still than Michael. (tall, small)
  3. The old car is not than the new one. (expensive)
  4. He realised that his children behaved than their friends. (good)
  5. Sam doesn’t understand anything if you speak even than Tom. (fast)
  6. Liz usually writes her letters than Maggie. (careful)
  7. Jim separates the letters from the less important ones. (important)
  8. She speaks English very well, but Tracy speaks it even . (good)
  9. Tom is a well-known physician, but Frank is . (famous)
  10. This coat is than the boots she wears. (expensive)