Put each verb in the correct form.
My name is Jill. I am a sixteen-year-old girl (attend) a business school in the twenty-second district of Vienna. My father is a policeman, my mum (work) in a kindergarten.
I have one sister. Her name is Julie. She is 25 years old. Harry, Julie’s boyfriend, is 30 years old. My sister and her boyfriend have a dog (call) Stuart. I (have) a pet some time ago. It was a mouse that (die) three months ago.
My hobbies are (play) volleyball and football, swimming, skating and riding my bike. Furthermore, I (like) playing computer games, reading and dancing. In fact, I have been (take) dancing lessons since I (be) four years old. However, I don’t want to (become) a dancer, but a bank clerk one day.