Dinner at Home

Put the verb in brackets in the correct form. Mind your spelling.
One day Samantha came home after work and (be) very tired. Nevertheless she (want) to (go) into the kitchen to (cook) something. However, her husband (stop) her in front of the kitchen and (tell) her he (want) to (cook) for a change. He (lead) her to the living room and he (say) to her that she should (watch) TV while he was cooking. So, she watched television and waited for a long time. Finally, her husband (come) in with the meal. He had (cook) spaghetti. They (eat), (drink) a glass of wine and (have) a lot of fun. Then, Thomas (serve) his wife some dessert. Samantha (enjoy) the dinner and the coffee which they (drink) after that very much.
However, when she finally (enter) the kitchen, she was shocked. The kitchen (look) as if a bomb had (explode) in it. Thomas had (cook), but he had not (clean) the kitchen. So, she had to (do) that. While Samantha (clean) the room, her husband (watch) sports on TV.