Mr. Müsli cooked dinner

Put each verb into Past Tense. Mind your spelling.
As usual, Mrs. Müsli (want) to start cooking the dinner, but her husband (let, not) his wife in the kitchen. He (say) to her that she should sit down and watch TV. She (be) surprised, but she (say, not) anything. She (wait) in front of the TV until Mr. Müsli (come) back to the living room with a plate full of spaghetti. She (be) very happy and they (start) to eat their dinner. Afterwards Mr. Müsli (serve) his wife a delicious piece of cake and a cup of coffee. Mrs. Müsli (be) happy and relaxed. However, as soon as she (go) into the kitchen and (see) the mess that she had to clean up, her mood (change).