Add the missing forms: have or has in the first part of the sentence, haven't or hasn't in the second part of the sentence.
  1. Tom got brown eyes, but he got dark hair.
  2. Mr. Smith got a red car, but he got a bike.
  3. Jill got two daughters, but she got a son.
  4. The Smarts got a big house, but they got a garden.
  5. Jack got a very nice aunt, but he got any uncle.
  6. Max got a new camera, but he got a mobile phone.
  7. Dad got a terrible cold, but he got a temperature.
  8. George got two sons, but he got a daughter.
  9. James got many friends in Europe, but he hasn't got any in the USA.
  10. I got many brothers and sisters, but I got any nephews.