Put the verbs in brackets in Conditional II.

  1. If I had been in London at that time, I probably (meet) him.
  2. Frank (marry) her if she had been rich.
  3. George (win) a medal if hadn't broken his leg.
  4. Alexander (watch) the film on TV if he hadn't fallen asleep.
  5. If she had taken part in the competition, she (be) the winner.
  6. If Harry had been there, Sally (be) happy.
  7. Kim and Sam (dance) all night if they had been at the party.
  8. If she had been in town, she (meet) Charles and Jill.
  9. If they had known the ingredients, they not (eat) this exotic dish.
  10. George and Harry (visit) their friends if they had known where to find them.