Put the verbs in the correct form.

  1. If I (be) you, I would travel a lot.
  2. If Jack (learn) for the exam, he would have got a good mark.
  3. If Martin (visit) us, we would be glad.
  4. If they (have) time, they would certainly help you.
  5. I would learn for the test if I (be) you.
  6. He will play Trivial Pursuit with you if the weather (be, not) fine.
  7. If our mother (be) ill, we would prepare our meal ourselves.
  8. If the train (arrive) in time, we will be glad.
  9. She would have played tennis with you if she (have) a racket.
  10. We would have had a lot of fun if John (visit) us.
  11. She will visit us if she (come) to Europe.
  12. They would learn English if they (stay) in London for some years.
  13. If she (be) rich, she would fly to the USA more often.
  14. If the weather (be) fine, we will go for a walk.
  15. They would sing a birthday song if they (know) one.