interviewing a new classmate

Put each verb in the correct form.

A: Hello, my name (be) Sue Smart. What’s your name?
B: My name (be) Samantha Sunshine, but you can (call) me Sunny. That’s my nickname.
A: Ok, Sunny, where (be) you from?
B: I’m from New York City. We (arrive) in Vienna yesterday.
A: Who (be) "we"? Have you (get) any brothers and sisters?
B: Well, I have two younger brothers and an elder sister. So, I came with my parents, my brothers and sisters.
A: Do your brothers and sisters (go) to this school, as well?
B: No, my elder sister (study) at university, my brothers (be) too young. They (go) to a kindergarten nearby.
A: I see. What do you (do) in your free time? Have you (get) any hobbies?
B: Sure, I like (read) thrillers, (play) volleyball and (cycle).
A: Have you (get) any other interests?
B: No, I am not keen on (collect) stamps or (watch) birds. I think these are boring hobbies.
A: I think we (have) a lot in common. I often go (cycle) at the weekend. Would you like to (join) me?
B: Yes, that would be great. Let me know whenever you go.
A: Sure. Oh, Ms. Smith is (come). We have to be quiet now; she (be) a very strict teacher.
B: Ok.