Present Tense and Gerund

Put the verbs in the correct form. Use only Present Simple and Gerund. Mind the spelling.

In my free time I often (enjoy) (stay) at home. Then I (be) a real coach potato. I (sit) in front of my TV-set and (watch) my favourite series and thrillers. If there (be) not anything on TV, I sometimes (watch) some of my DVDs, (play) computer games or (read) a thriller. Of course, there (be) also other things I might do. I (like) (listen) to the radio when I (cook), (clean) my room or (eat) my breakfast or dinner. Furthermore, I (surf) the Internet a lot. When friends (be) around, I (be) asked a lot of things. So, I might have to find the answer to questions in the world wide web.
However, I (hate) (talk) on phone for hours. I (prefer) (meet) my friends because I want to (talk) to them face to face. As we chat a lot, we only seldom (play) board games, and we never (play) computer games. As I do not have any video game console, nobody can play console games at my home.