Choose the most appropriate pronoun. Use that only if necessary.
  1. James, is in hospital, is very ill.
  2. Canterbury has the most beautiful cathedral I have ever seen.
  3. His story, happens to be true, sounds incredible.
  4. This gentleman, to I have been talking, is a mining expert.
  5. Anything he says is worth listening to.
  6. He lent me this book, is very interesting.
  7. Dr. Smith, car is outside, has come to see a patient.
  8. Kim is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met.
  9. Have you packed everything we shall need?
  10. Tom, parents are famous politicians, is very shy.
  11. He did the best that he could, wasn't much.
  12. The tree branches trailed so gracefully in the water was one William IV had planted.