Add the missing parts. Mind the spelling.

1. "I want to go into the mountains."
Mrs. Lovell said (that) into the mountains.

2. "They are in London."
She mentioned that in London.

3. "We had beautiful weather."
Mr. Lovell said that beautiful weather.

4. "We'll come at nine."
Eric and Jenny told us that at nine.

5. "I have never been to London."
Peter confessed (that) to London.

6. "I will not be at home tonight."
Mother told us (that) at home .

7. "What did the clerk tell you?"
He wanted to know what the clerk me.

8. "I will travel to Italy."
She said that to Italy.

9. "I was in London last week"
He explained to them that .

10. "I have not seen her today."
He told them that .