Add the missing parts to put the questions in reported speech.
1. "Have you seen my spectacles?"
He wanted to know if his spectacles.

2. "What did the clerk tell you?"
He wanted to know what the clerk me.

3. "When will you call me again?"
She wanted to know when again.

4. "Are you going skiing at Christmas?"
She asked us if skiing at Christmas.

5. "When did you meet the others?"
She wanted to know when the others.

6.. "Are you coming next weekend?"
She wanted to know if the following weekend.

7. "Who told you that?"
He wanted to know that.

8. "Where are you going?"
Tim asked Jack .

9. "What have you been doing all the time?"
His father wanted to know what all the time.

10. "Have you seen this film?"
The teacher asked the students if film.