Add the missing parts to put the questions in reported speech.
1. Could you help me?"
He asked her if .

2. "Hurry up!"
She demanded them up. (infinitive construction)

3. "Don't interrupt me again!"
She ordered him again. (infinitive construction)

4. "She came rather late."
Dad mentioned that rather late.

5. "I don't know what to do"
Marc confessed that .

6. "Where have you been so long?"
His mother wanted to know so long.

7. "Have you already seen all the sights Vienna is famous for?"
She asked her guests if all the sights Vienna is famous for.

8. "Last year I spent my holidays in Spain."
Frank mentioned that holidays in Spain .

9. "A few weeks ago I met him in London."
Harriet told them that him in London .

10. "When did you learn about that?"
George asked his sister about that.