Add the missing parts to put the questions in reported speech.
1. "Next week he will visit his aunt in Oslo."
Mary knew that he aunt in Oslo the following week.

2. "We should tell her the truth."
He was sure that we the truth.

3. "Who broke the windows?"
The principle wanted to know the windows.

4. "Jill wants to sing at the concert next week."
He realized that Jill at the concert the following week.

5. "Please, explain that to me again."
Helen begged the teacher politely that again. (infinitive construction)

6. "I lived in St. Paul some years ago."
Suzanne told us that in St. Paul .

7. "This dress suits you very well."
Everybody maintained (that) that dress very well.

8. "Did you copy your homework?"
Mr. Clever asked the lazy boy if homework.

9. "Don't copy your homework."
Mother told us homework. (infinitive construction)

10. "I didn't tell anybody about that."
The little boy maintained that anybody about that.