since or for?

REMEMBER: since is used if you talk about a certain point in time, for if you talk about a period of time.
  1. They haven't seen him Monday.
  2. We haven't met them your birthday.
  3. I haven't heard from them they were here.
  4. She has been married some years.
  5. I haven't talked to them we last met you.
  6. He hasn't won any race Easter.
  7. We haven't been to any party three months.
  8. I haven't talked to her January.
  9. They have been living in this house many years.
  10. I haven't received any letters I moved to this place.
  11. She has lived in that city at least twenty years.
  12. 2005 she has been attending this school.
  13. June 1 she has been working here.
  14. It hasn't rained March.
  15. Christmas she has been staying in this house.