some or any?

Fill in the right word for each gap.
  1. When I entered the room, I saw body copying her homework.
  2. They didn't have potatoes. So I bought pasta.
  3. My brother bought great CDs last week.
  4. I'm sure Kim wants more cake. Please, give her .
  5. Would you like more salad? (BE POLITE!)
  6. Aren't there tissues in the drawer?
  7. You can't have more of this. I want to keep for my brother.
  8. We haven't got sweets left. So you can't get .
  9. What would you like to drink? - I'd like orange juice, please.
  10. There are nice shops downtown. Have you seen them?
  11. They haven't got fresh lettuce today. So I bought vegetable.
  12. I'd like pears, please. - I'm afraid we haven't got today.