How to Dress

If you do not know how to dress, you should read the information offered by ehow before doing this exercise.
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After having sent your and cover letter, you are asked to come to a job interview. Of course, you should keep in mind which job you are applying for when choosing your . However, the first is very important, and this impression is based on the clothes your wear. Therefore, you should know which impression you want to make before choosing your clothes. Apart from that, there are some general rules you should consider:
You should neither wear tight nor sloppy clothes. If you wear a or skirt, which must not be a , you have to wear , as well.
Your clothes should be clean, i.e. they do not have any .
Your should shine.
Since you should appear respectable and tidy, you do not wear a lot of , but your should be clean and your combed.
Furthermore, it might be a good idea to take an extra of your CV or resume along, which should be in a . instead of an oversized .