Genealogy of the British Royal Family

Have a look at the Windsor family tree if you need help to complete the text.

Queen Elizabeth and her younger Margret are both of George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.
Princess Margaret, who died in 2002, was married to photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones, later Lord Snowdon, for 18 years, had two children: David Albert Charles, who is known as Viscount Linley and Sarah Armstong-Jones. So, Princess Margret's daughter is Queen Elizabeth's while Viscount Linley is her .
Queen Elizabeth II has been reigning since 1952, when her , George VI, died. Prince Philip, who is Queen Elizabeth's , was created Duke of Edinburgh prior to their wedding.
Elizabeth II has got four children: Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward.
Prince Charles, who was married to Princess Diana, has got two : Princes William and Harry. Therefore, Queen Elizabeth is William's and Harry's and used to be Princess Diana's .